Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010

Will's ornament

Just another ornament I tried. There is a circle of acetate(same size as the dimensions of the glass ornament) that is stamped then coloured with Sharpie markers(they work the best because of colour intensity and better opacity) then it is rolled up and inserted into the glass globe. Hang a string onto the acetate, I used gold twine. I then poured a bit of diamond snow sparkle into the globe. Reinsert the top and add whatever ribbon you like. It turned out quite nicely. The picture was hard to do because of reflections on the globe.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas ornament for Joe

Finally I am back with a few Christmas projects!! this is an ornament that was just a plain little car which didn't look at all like a Christmas ornament so with a little Sculpey clay and paint and sparkle Voila!! it's in the tree. It is Joe's 2010 ornament with a little personal touch. Actually the snowman was Jenelle's shaping and idea and then away I had to go with paint and sparkle. She also sculpted the candy canes on the hood. I started with gifts in the car but that was too difficult to paint with fine detail.

Back of car

This is the back of the car